About Windhaven


Windhaven Farms is a locally owned business selling sustainable, responsibly raised meats to restaurants and families in the Kansas City area. In order to ensure the quality and taste of our products, we buy the animals directly from the farmers, have them processed, and then deliver the meat and eggs to customers. Ethically raised animals and fair prices are just the way we do business.


All of our farmers are within 150 miles of KC. This is as much a point of pride as it is a point of necessity. This local network of farmers helps cut down on the time from farm to table so all of our products are fresh. We are committed to our strong partnerships with our farmers and our customers, like you, who purchase the ingredients to each delicious meal. You are supporting your local community by knowing your farmers!


The farms chosen to be part of Windhaven all have made a commitment to responsible and beneficial land practices, making sure the land is healthy for years to come. The families who work these farms are passing down these practices to the next generation of responsible farmers. By keeping these goals close to home, these farmers and their families are maintaining the industry for a sustainable, responsible future.


Through clean, responsible methods, our farmers are able to cultivate a superior product. Non-GMO and pesticide free, all the animals are raised safely and comfortably. Natural living creates a happy, healthy environment for these animals that transfers into the flavor.

How to Buy

Online Store

Our online ordering program is a convenient way for you to enjoy local meat. Place your order by Monday and pick it up at at Heirloom Bakery in Brookside on Tuesday afternoon.  No minimum orders. 

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Restaurant Buyers

We provide weekly deliveries to chefs and restaurants in the Kansas City area. 

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