Our Farms

Our Farms


We choose farms that have our same ideals of quality, honesty and sustainability. We believe in happy, healthy animals. All farms we work with go the extra mile to grow only with sustainable practices, support the community and offer fair pricing. To help best serve our customers with the highest quality sustainable and responsible meat in Kansas City, all of our farms are also located within 150 miles of the metropolitan area.

Happy Tracks Farm
Plattsburg, MO

Happy Tracks Farm raises grass-fed, chemical and hormone free Icelandic Heritage Sheep, a breed that remains unchanged for the past 2000 years. Happy Tracks Farm is dedicated to preserving this dual purpose heritage breed by farming feed on site and maintaining healthy relationships with their customers.

Linnenbringer Farms
Hatton, MO

Linnenbringer Farms was established in 1942 and remains a third generation diversified crop and livestock farm. They are located in Hatton, MO, about 20 miles east of Columbia. The farm raises beef and hens free of hormones and antibiotics and the animals are moved daily onto fresh grass. Integrated Pest Management principles are used on their crop ground, growing their crops with non-GM seed to offer customers a choice between non-GM and GM feed. They work hard every day to make sure the land and animals are treated well by focusing on sustainability, while maintaining economical prices.

R&K Rabbitry
Plattsburg, MO

R & K Rabbitry is located in Plattsburg, MO and owned by Keith Felts. Keith has been working with his herd of New Zealand/California rabbits for more than 40 years. The rabbits are raised indoors to keep them safe from local predators like hawks, raccoons, and coyotes. They are fed a mixture of fodder grown on the farm and rabbit pellets.

David's Pasture
Concordia, MO

David’s Pasture is a family-owned and multi-generational farm located outside of Concordia, MO. David has adopted the techniques of Joel Salatin and Polyface, Inc. and has made his farm sustainable, pasture-based, and beyond organic. The feed they use is strictly local, non-GMO grains, with minerals and probiotics. http://www.davidspasture.com/

Le Ferme du Bonheur
Higginsville, MO

Located near Sedalia, MO, La Ferme du Bonheur is a local farm run by a Mennonite community. La Ferme du Bonheur chickens are cage free and humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Happy Hog Haven
Auxvasse, MO

Happy Hog Haven is run by the Alton family in Auxvasse, MO. They raise hogs outdoors, free of hormones and only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary. Happy Hog Haven supports their local community by purchasing their feed, feeder pigs, and farm infrastructure locally. Truly, a happy hog.